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We are delighted to announce regular live music sessions at our MANDARACHA Tea House in Kyoto.MANDARACHA offers high-grade live music as well as high-grade tea. Please come and invite your friends and family! We look forward to seeing you!

[every Friday 17:00-19:00]

Haruka Bird: vocals, piano, steel drums

Instagram @haruka_bird

Haruka is an Australian-raised multi-talented artist. Her singing and piano improvisations are gentle and powerful. If you want to experience a performance that shakes your soul, please listen to it once.

If you have any request for a song, please consult her song list posted on her page

Message from Haruka:

“MANDARACHA is a very nice venue with a nice owner. It’s a really nice shop and owner, and just being in this space will heal you.

The performance comprises playing and singing improvisation on the piano as well as cover songs. We have received positive feedback, such as reviving childhood scenery and purifying suppressed emotions.”

[2nd and 4th Saturday 17:00-19:00]

Isabella Calmet: piano, ukulele, vocals

Instagram @isaontheclouds

Composer/musician from Peru who came to Japan to study orchestral composition and perfect her skills.

Isabella identifies herself as a story teller, The melodies, music arrangements and lyrics she writes try to evoque this tales of distant lands we can only enter through our imagination, this stories defines her music, when performing she turns into the narrator.

Due to the fantasy character of her compositions, she doesn’t like to label the genre of her music in a specific combination of styles, since the influences she uses can vary depending on the story she wants to tell.

Isabella believes that stories are what give her music a purpose and stories dig deeper when accompanied by music.

You can find the music of Isabella on her Instagram @isaontheclouds and on her website

Entrance is free. Order starts at 1500JPY and include a foamy draft green tea or red tea with an appetizer. Vegan desserts can also be ordered.

MANDARACHA, the place where tea meets the arts.

For enquiries or reservations, call us at 075-285-3283 or email us at


【毎週金曜日 17-19時】

ハルカバード  歌・ピアノ・スチールドラム

インスタ @haruka_bird







子供時代の風景がよみがえったり、抑えていた感情が浄化された など、嬉しい感想を頂いています。』

【第2・4土曜日 17-19時】

カルメット イサベラ  ピアノ・ウクレレ・歌

インスタ @isaontheclouds






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