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Category: Green Tea (Roasted)

Origin: JAPAN, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kawane Town.

Cultivar: Yabukita

Harvest: Spring (May)



Kawane-cho 川根町was a town located on the Oi River and is one of the most famous prestigious location for the production of high-quality mountain teas, most exclusively Sencha.


The road to Kawane is picturesque and beautiful. Located just south of the splendid mountains of the Japanese Southern Alps, the mountains climate provides high rainfall, cool nights and fog. The soil is porous and aerated. The tea plantations are on a slight slope, providing a good irrigation.



This Roasted Green tea is made from stems of the first harvest Spring tea called Ichibancha (一番茶). Other roasted green teas are typically made from the second harvest in Summer. We have therefore here a higher quality material.


Contrary to the conventional roasting method using a gas-powered drum roaster, this tea is first carefully processed in a customized infrared dryer. The final roasting is made over a Binchotan charcoal fire. The tea is conveyed on a duct covered by Japanese washi paper.


Also known as White Charcoal, Binchotan Charcoal is a type of Activated Charcoal that has been traditionally made for over 300 years by charcoal makers in the Kishu province of Wakayama in Japan. It is obtained from extra hard Ubame Oak that grew in the forested hills of Kishu. Binchotan Charcoal is nearly 100% carbon. The name 'Binchotan' came from a famous charcoal artisan, Binchoya Chozaemon. The secret Binchotan process eventually became known in other parts of Japan, but Kishu Binchotan remains the finest, densest and purest form and is still handmade through a process passed down through generations.


This production method is probably the only one of its kind in Japan. Deep steamed stems usually do not roast well. However, this roasting method using far infrared rays prevents burned residues and can reach the core of the tea leaves and stems.


This results in a sweeter and extremely pleasant aroma, making this Houjicha a wonder by itself. The roasting over the Japanese Binchotan charcoal gives a light smoked flavour. This Houjicha is popular within the Japanese and non-Japanese communities and is therefore accessible for everyone.



4g (0.14oz) of leaves per serving

80ml of water at 90°C (194°F) per serving

First brew: 45 seconds

Subsequent brews: 20-25 seconds