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Category: Green Tea

Origin: JAPAN, Kagoshima Prefecture, Shibushi region.

Cultivar: Blend

Quantity: 30g per pack

Harvest: Spring Harvest (April)

Other: Organic



The Shibushi (志布志) region is located in the island of Kyushu, on the eastern side of Kagoshima Prefecture. The climate is mild and subtropical. Teas from the Shibushi region enjoy a high reputation in terms of quality. In this region, Sencha, deep steamed Sencha and Tamaryokucha are mostly produced, as well as some of the best organic Gyokuro.



This particular tea is coming from the north of the Shibushi region, Matsuyama Town, next to the Soo region. Karigane 雁金 or 雁が音 literaly meaning Wild Goose or Cry of the Wild Goose is a kukicha (twig tea) but coming from a Gyokuro production. 


This particular organic Karigane made from a blend of several cultivars is a delight and is very close to a Gyokuro experience. It is intense, with moderate sweetness, pleasant Umami and is easy to drink.

4g (0.14oz) of leaves per serving
80ml of water at 70°C (158°F) per serving
First brew: 60 seconds
Subsequent brews: 10-15 seconds


Cold brew: 10g of leaves for 1L of cold water. Brew for 12-15 hours in the fridge at 5°C. Filter the liquor in another bottle and keep it in the fridge. You may re-brew the spent leaves a second time as you like.