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Category: Green Tea

Origin: JAPAN, Kyoto Prefecture, Minamiyamashiro Village, Dosenbo district.

Cultivar: Okumidori

Quantity: 30g per pack

Harvest:  Spring (April-May)



Dosenbo is a mountainous area in the south of Kyoto, with an altitude of about 500m where tea fields were expanded at the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868-1912).

It is distinctly cold compared with the temperature of Uji and Kyoto. The new settlements that were formed comprised of Samurai who had to give up their swords after the fall of the Shogunate. As such, some of the tea producers of Dosenbo are descendant of Samurai families who continued the hard work of their ancestors.


As most teas in the Uji area, very few teas are actually from Uji. Most of the Uji teas come from the surroundings areas of Wazuka, Dosenbo, Ujitawara. So Dosenbo is commonly branded as a Uji tea, but we deliberately use names of actual locations to reflect the distinctions and diversity that exist among Japanese teas even from the same Prefecture.



Contrary to Sencha from Uji city, Sencha of Dosenbo are totally unshaded. The fact is that they do not need artificial shade. The shape of the mountain and the colder climate provide very interesting conditions for the production of a clean Sencha.


This Sencha is produced from Okumidori cultivar. We selected it for its medium body, natural sweetness and very clean mouthfeel. It is one of the most popular of Mandaracha Tea house.



4g (0.14oz) of leaves per serving

80ml of water at 70°C (158°F) per serving

First brew: 60 seconds

Subsequent brews: 10-15 seconds


Cold brew: 10g of leaves for 1L of cold water. Brew for 12-15 hours in the fridge at 5°C. Filter the liquor in another bottle and keep it in the fridge. You may re-brew the spent leaves a second time as you like.