• Alex

We Got Delayed...

Pretty much unexpected, the Coronavirus crisis hits us all. Our thoughts are going to all the ones who have been suffering and who have lost someone dear.

Our works have been on track and delayed again. The good news is that the exterior of the building is almost done and it is like day and night. Still remain to install ventilation, air conditioners, spray the ceiling, spray the floor, install the tiles, paint the walls, build the tatami space, build the product shelves, the custom nitro server, the entrance hexagonal door... and the garden!

I will upload more pictures on the blog and instagram pages. Those times are difficult but will be remembered. We will open with no customers and no visitors but we will perfect ourselves for the day you can finally visit us.

Mandaracha is not an opportunistic project and it is not just another tea house. It is a lifetime project that will live long and to be shared with as many as possible for the betterment of our lives through tea. I hope to share some good news in my next update at the beginning of June.

Keep safe and healthy!!

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