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New Rare Product: MANDOKORO

Mandokoro is one of the three teas from Ohmi (the old name of the current Shiga prefecture). While the vast majority of tea produced in Shiga is coming from Asamiya and Tsuchiyama, Mandokoro represents only 3% of the volume.

So what is different? The tea produced is natural and uses old techniques of picking. Even the shading for the Gyokuro are made of traditional straw mats. The tea trees are wild, coming from seeds (not cuttings) and make an interesting unique blend. Of course, no pesticide or chemicals are used.

As such Mandokoro tea is a tea believed to taste like it did for the past 600 years.

Fresh, light, clean, low bitterness, low sweetness, basically very natural and green.

Mandokoro was big and famous a few centuries ago, as much as Uji if not more. But due to young people moving to the cities, the mountain area has now fewer farmers/producers.

Mandokoro produces now 1/30th of what it used to at its peak.

We are proud to bring this tea to you.

More information and pictures on the product page here

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