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Junko Kiritani Exhibition at MANDARACHA

We are delighted to announce that MANDARACHA is an exhibition partner of the Art of Junko Kiritani that will be held in Kyoto from April 17th to May 30th.

For the ones who do not know Junko Kiritani yet, she is a a renowned artist who expresses her art through ceramic. Her works are truly unique and impressive and she is mainly known for her vessels.

She has exhibited in numerous leading galleries in Japan and Overseas (including Paris, London, Ottawa) and we are now honoured to have her coming to Kyoto!

We will have potteries, plates and cup exhibited and for sale at MANDARACHA. We also are creating a limited Kiritani-san Tea Set Menu using the artist made cups and plates during the period of the exhibition.

We look forward to welcoming you in Kyoto for this event!

For more information about our tea house and shop MANDARACHA, please visit www.mandaracha.com

For more information about Kiritani-san, please check https://www.j-kiritani.com

Note: we observe strict Anti-COVID measures at MANDARACHA. Safe distance is provided between our tables, we disinfect every time, we provide hand sanitizer and we wear face masks.

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