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Giving lectures on entrepreneurship is not common for Tea Houses but as an Alumni of Nanyang-Waseda Business School, it is my turn to share valuable experience with MBA participants.

It was a pleasure to receive the class of MBA of Doshisha University yesterday at MANDARACHA. It was a great opportunity to give a presentation about the Japanese tea landscape and how as a foreigner I started this wonderful project in Japan.

I was glad to meet with bright young people from so many countries who have great ideas and many possibilities in front of them. I hope they will find inspiration and energy when they want to launch their dream business one day.

My key points during that presentation:

- Explore and have as many experiences as possible when young in order to have perspective. Somehow, those experiences will be useful when the time comes.

- Feel deep inside what you really like to do and follow your instinct

- Have vision

- The rest is about skills (hard and soft), and luck.

A special thanks to Prof. Isabell Handler for organizing this visit as part of her class and to Prof. Philip Sugai for the introduction.


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