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Please join us for this special concert: Date: October 1st Time: 17:00 Concert with Tea and Dessert Price: JPY2,500 per person (tax inc)

Limited seats, reservation is recommended.

Call or message us for more information. Tel: 075-285-3283


Calmet Isabella: piano, ukulele, vocals instagram @isaontheclouds

Composer/musician from Peru who came to Japan to study orchestral composition and perfect her skills.

Isabella identifies herself as a story teller, telling stories of her fantasy worlds in which characters such as Katherine the sewer of the red thread of destiny, Ïsabrin the feared warrior with her white wolf companion, or the little girl who paints beautiful dreams at dawn in “The Dream Maker” the melodies, music arrangements and lyrics she writes try to evoque this tales of distant lands we can only enter through our imagination, this stories defines her music, when performing she turns into the narrator.

Due to the fantasy character of her compositions, she doesn’t like to label the genre of her music in a specific combination of styles, since the influences she uses can vary depending on the story she wants to tell, from using a Medieval/viking colours in songs such as “Dalinar” or “Three Silent Things” to her traditional Peruvian rhythms in “El ave que pinta su nido de atardecer”.

Isabella believes that stories are what give her music a purpose and stories dig deeper when accompanied by music.

You can find the music of Isabella on her instagram @isaontheclouds and on her website

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