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The beginning of a new collaboration gives birth to a new product:  Tea Yōkan

MANDARACHA is happy to announce a partnership with KIYONAGA, born from the iconic Japanese confectionery company established in 1617 known for the “Seijo Kankidan”, said to be the origin of Japanese sweets. The brand KIYONAGA was founded by the couple Kiyotaka and Masako MAEGAWA.


This product is the result of the ancestral skills of the confectionary artisan, using three Japanese teas carefully selected by the owner of MANDARACHA.

MATCHA (gold)

WAKŌCHA - Japanese Black tea (nature)

HŌJICHA - roasted tea (silver)


The Tea Yōkan carries the values of “Shōjin”, shared by our two companies, as well as the spirit of "WA-KEI-SEI-JAKU" (Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility) from the Way of Tea.


The Tea Yōkan can be purchased exclusively from MANDARACHA Tea House from June 22 at the retail price of ¥2200 (tax included).


A Tea Yōkan tasting set will also be offered at the tea house, including the three types of Yōkan paired with three matching cold brewed Japanese teas.


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