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We are honoured to be featured in the October issue No 84 of Veggy (ベジィ) magazine in Japan. This issue is special as it focuses on Shojin Ryori (Buddhist cuisine). MANDARACHA is one of the features in Kyoto.

Shojin ryori was introduced to Japan from China by the monk Dogen, the founder of Zen Buddhism, whose practice emphasizes seated meditation.

Buddhist tradition forbade killing animals for human consumption, which was believed to cloud the spirit and interfere with meditation. As a result, the meals were made without animal products and also abstained from the use of pungent flavors like garlic and onion. These principles became the foundation of shojin ryori.

MANDARACHA’s desserts and pairings that go with tea also respect the Zen tradition of Shojin Ryori.

Today, the word vegan is commonly used but shojin ryori (精進料理), which literally means Spiritual Development Food has existed for 800 years and is rooted in meanings deeper than any trend or fashion of the current days... The path of Zen

Want to enjoy a Japanese green tea while respecting the Shojin Way?

Visit our shop in Kyoto and we will be delighted to introduce you to our creations.

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