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Almost Ready

Dear Friends from all countries. Those last months have been very difficult and I had no time to update the website. For updates, better see the Instagram page. You can follow us at kyoto_mandaracha

In June, we changed the teams working on the renovations in order to accelerate this project with the aim of opening in September. It became my full time job to finish all the works, and there has been plenty. Ceilings, bamboo, counter sanding and waxing, wall plastering, wall paper, painting, tiles, concrete stains, tatami, pillars covering, stones, doors, metal welding, glass windows sealing, lighting... For the past 3 months, I had to be at the front making all the decisions and running from one place to another to acquire the materials.

However, the result is beyond my expectations and we are almost there! I am aiming at pre-opening Mandaracha on October 3rd and get an official start on October 10.

Now will be moving to real operations: recruiting, visiting farms, purchasing, making menus and running the shop/tea house.

Lots of work in perspective.

The sanitary situation in Japan is rather good but economically it is disastrous. The country is still closed and no travelers are coming to Japan. We will have to do our best to thrive with local customers but also to develop our online shop so we can stay connected.

I sincerely hope that our friends from all over the world will be able to visit us again soon, in Spring or Autumn 2021.

Keep strong everyone, we will eventually go through this.

And for those interested in my story launching MANDARACHA and my impressions/lessons as entrepreneur, here is the link to my LinkedIn article:

Lessons from starting a business during a pandemic - my story

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