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New Year, New Hopes

With 2020 finally over, we wish 2021 to shine some light and hope for all. May we all be healthy and overcome those challenging times.

We have now been operating for three months on a background of a global pandemic. Despite the headwinds, we have been blessed to welcome customers from different parts of Japan and we felt grateful for the opportunity to introduce them to the world of MANDARACHA. The positive feedback we received and building loyalty gave us a lot of energy and courage to pursue our efforts to improve day by day.

It has been a lot of work and the place is getting everyday closer to the original dream. We have been increasing our offerings and perfecting our Menu with a beautiful selection of teas and exclusive plant-based desserts that are appreciated by everyone. Every "Oishii" 美味しい that we hear is music to our ears pointing us to the right direction.

We are now increasing our product range with selected teas from allover Japan whose stories are waiting to be shared with all of you, our dear tea friends and visitors. We are also working on the online shop which should be live in February so everyone will be able to order from home. Stay tuned, we will ship soon worldwide!

Patience and courage friends. Eventually, we will go through this together! We will continue to prepare and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Kyoto this year!

Alex, Angie and Mai

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