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Our premium matcha collection is finally out.

Those 3 Matcha are carefully selected from 3 regions: Mie, Kagoshima and Uji (Kyoto)

- 3 Single Estate

- 3 single cultivars

- 2 organically farmed following the concept of responsible agriculture

- 100% Japan

But do you know what differentiate an authentic Matcha from pale copies and low-grade products? Matcha is a vivid green powder but not every green powder is a Matcha.

All those teas are obtained from spring harvests of shaded plantations.

The shading needs to last for at least 20 days in order to modify the chemistry in the plant and change the ratio catechin/amino-acids, thus reducing the bitterness and developing more umami.

Moreover, all of them are made from cultivars that are suitable for making Matcha:

Oku Midori, Kirari 31 and Samidori

All are stone-milled, ensuring the finest particle size and depth in taste as well as smooth mouthfeel.

Finally, our package:

- vacuum cans are used to avoid any oxidation / degradation of the product

- printed on washi paper, an authentic feel of Japan and ready to offer to your loved ones.

All available at our shop in Kyoto and online:

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