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Mandaracha Is Open!!

After one year of renovations of the building, inside and outside, reshaping the full floor from scratch while saving the building from collapsing, I am pleased to reach this milestone. MANDARACHA opened officially on 2020.10.10, a wonderful number!

We have survived cancellations, inconveniences, delays, budget increases, not to mention COVID. With the new team, we have worked nights and days to give life to the cradle of Mandaracha, this place where we can receive brothers and sisters from all over the world.

The team grew as we got on board now Koh-san and Mai-san who will be helping me with the management and the operations of the tea house & shop, and tea activities to come.

A big thank you to Stephane Danton and Miki from Ocharaka おちゃらか Tokyo who came to help us with the opening. You have our gratitude for your support and sharing your experience with us. We will be working closely together and imagine new ways of collaborations.

We will now focus on completing the tea selection with new hidden treasures from all over Japan, extending our menu, producing content, preparing the online shop and introducing technology for a wonderful tea experience.

If anyone in Japan wants to visit, anytime welcome! https://g.page/Mandaracha?share

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