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We are delighted to host for the first time artists Tenjiro Amazawa (fiddle) and kumi (harp) for a special concert of Celtic Music. A rare opportunity that we like to share with all of you.

Details: Saturday July 29th 17:00-18:00 Celtic music with tea @kyoto_mandaracha Fee: 3,500円 includes live performance + cold AWACHA Tea and a special vegan dessert As seats are limited, reservations in advance are recommended. call us at 075-285-3283 or email us at

ARTISTS INFORMATION: Tenjiro Amasawa (fiddle)

Amazawa-san studied piano, listening, and chamber music at Toho Gakuen Music School for Children. He started playing the violin at the age of 6 and studied under Aiko Suzuki, Koichiro Harada, and Yoshiya Urakawa.

He is then exposed to Celtic music from Cellist Hoshimamoru and was impressed.

After that, he met the Irish flute player hatao in Kyoto, he began playing Celtic traditional music in earnest, and in 2010 participated in the recording of his solo album "Enishi".

Following this, he often participates in hatao & nami's CDs and concerts.

In 2012, the Scott Rio Strings trio was formed. With kumi on the harp and kana on the cello, he performs pub live performances centered on traditional Scottish music.

kumi (harp)

Kumi started playing the piano at an early age, and has participated in band activities of various genres on the keyboard. Later, she became interested in Arthurian legends and Celtic culture, and learned to play the Irish harp.

In 2012, she produced a CD at Harper's Cafe, a female harp duo unit she started in 1999.

She participated in the compilation CD Celtic Sittluke Vol. with Amazawa on fiddle, Kana on cello under the Scott Rio Strings formation.

With a repertoire of songs from Ireland, England, Scotland and Brittany, she strives to create sounds that appeal to people's hearts.


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