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It is with pleasure that we announce an exceptional concert of traditional Chinese music featuring both Biwa and Erhu, to celebrate the new lunar year of the Rabbit.

We are happy to receive again the fabulous artists Mr Lin Taiyu (Biwa) and Ms Lee Peng (Erhu), who played separately in the past at MANDARACHA and will be reunited this time for a duo.

Date: January 28th, 2023

Time: 16:00

Concert with Tea and Dessert Price: JPY3,500 per person (tax inc)

Limited seats, reservation is recommended.

Call or message us for more information. Tel: 075-285-3283

About the artists:

Mr. Lin and Ms Lee together combine classical and contemporary ensembles. Producing different sound characteristics of the erhu obtained by rubbing the strings and the playing of the pipa, they represent a scenery with diverse and beautiful tones.

The types of performances span a wide range of musical styles, showing new forms of traditional instruments that transcend cultural generations. The two, who met in Japan in 2017, share a passion and philosophy for Chinese music, and are working hard to popularize Chinese musical instruments and Chinese music in Japan.

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