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It is with sadness that we have to announce that our experience called "Japanese Teamaking for Beginners" on the platform Amazon Explore will be terminated on October 31st 2022.

This is due to the Amazon decision to stop this business which was available in the US only.

We want to thank all our customers who took our experience and gave us a perfect score.

I can tell you that enjoyed every moment of it from creating it to delivering it and I was very happy that it was so well received. My gratitude goes to the customers, the Amazon Explore experience managers and coaches.

We like to invite you to book the last sessions until October 31st while this amazing platform is still online so we can share our last sessions with you.

Links for booking:



As for the future, we are currently considering alternatives and we will probably offer direct bookings on our website. We will give an update in the News section as soon as possible.

Alexander Nicolau


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