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Category: Red Tea

Origin: JAPAN, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kawane Town.

Cultivar: Koshun

Quantity: 30g per pack

Harvest: Spring (May)



Kawane-cho 川根町 is an old town located on the Oi River and is one of the most famous prestigious location for the production of high-quality mountain teas, mostly Sencha.


The road to Kawane is picturesque and beautiful. Located just south of the splendid mountains of the Japanese Southern Alps, the mountains climate provides high rainfall, cool nights and fog. The soil is porous and aerated. The tea plantations in question have a slight slope, providing a good irrigation.



Red teas are rare in Japan, which history has mostly been focused on green teas. A few coureagous manufacturers started to produce oxidized red teas from the 80ies. Early red teas made from Japanese cultivars are usually not gustatively attractive. However, with time, new varieties were developed and some red teas became delicious.


This red tea is made from the Koshun こうしゅん Cultivar, which is usually both fruity and bitter for green teas, but proved to give surprising results for a fully oxidized red tea, far more interesting than other Japanese red teas made from Benifuki Cultivar.


It is a full bodied tea with a fragrant and sweet aroma.

A reference among Japanese Red Teas.

Highly recommended!



4g (0.14oz) of leaves per serving

80ml of water at 70°C (158°F) per serving

First brew: 50 seconds

Subsequent brews: 10-15 seconds